Why Primal?

Like many people, I have tried a few diets over my lifetime. I lost a few pounds but I was always hungry. Thoughts of what I would eat when I was off the diet preoccupied my mind and it was only a matter of time until my willpower broke.
My love of all things sugary or carby (is that even a word?) kept me from trying a low carb diet for a long time. When I finally jumped in, I had a hard time detoxing from my carb addiction for the first two or three days. But I stuck it out and something amazing happened. I was no longer hungry all the time! I could eat a small portion of good quality food and not be on the prowl for a snack an hour or two later. Before this diet, I couldn't remember ever forgetting that it was meal time!
After a week, I noticed I actually had extra energy. Instead of my usual tiredness after a day at work, I came home with the energy to actually get things done. The few pounds I lost seemed less important then this sense of well-being.
It is still an ongoing journey for us as we try to resist outside influences including heaping platters of bagels and cookies at the office. But if you have tasty, high quality food waiting for you, the cookie looks much less interesting. :-)

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